Below are common questions asked of us. If you have any additional questions, please do not hestitate to contact us!

Q: How long do dance classes run?
A: All of our Dance classes are 1 hour in length. Dance Company Team Classes are ½ hour each.

Q: Where can I buy my dance attire?
A: You can find all your dance wear needs right at our “One Stop Dance Shop” inside our studio. We have all styles of clothes; tops, pants, ballet skirts, tights, all dance shoes and miscellaneous items. You can find it here. We’ll be glad to help outfit you for your next class.

Q: Do I need special dance shoes?
A: For each style of dance that you participate in you will be required to wear a shoe designed for that style of dance. Ballet = Ballet slippers / Tap = Tap shoes / Combo classes = Ballet slippers & jazz shoes / Hip Hop = Split sole Jazz shoes / Lyrical= Foot thongs / Pre-Pointe = Ballet Slippers/ Pointe = Pointe Shoes / Highland = Gilles Highland shoes / Ballroom and Salsa = Starter dancers. Comfortable shoes – no sneakers.

Q: Do you offer private dance lessons?
A: Yes. Contact the studio for more information.

Q. What is the class tuition cost?
A: Flat rate is $50.00 a month for your 1st class. Consecutive classes per student/per month are at a discounted price. We also offer sibling discounts too. Please call for pricing.

Q: What is the Dance Company tuition cost?
A: Most all Dance Company Classes are charged by the ½ hour.

Q: Do you invoice for tuition?
A: We do not invoice for monthly tuition. Payments must be received in hand no later than the 1st of each month.

Q. Do I Need a partner for Salsa and Ballroom?
A: Unlike most Dance Studios our Ballroom/Salsa teacher rotates partners, so it’s not necessary.

Q: What kind of ballroom dancing do you teach?
A: We teach Waltz, rumba, foxtrot, swing, and many more! Salsa is taught as a separate class.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?
A: Yes. They can be purchased during office hours, or by calling us at 603-225-7711. These make great holiday gifts. Certificates can be used for all sorts of items: tuition fee, clothing, shoes, recital video, recital fee, tickets, and costumes.

Q: I feel my child isn’t being challenged in the classes he/she are in. What can I do about this?
A: You may schedule a conference with your child’s teacher and/or the studio director if you feel strongly about this. However, please remember that every student’s placement is reviewed by the owner and artistic director.

Q: Why is my child in a different class level then the kids he/she was with last year? Or: Why is my child in a class with children younger then him/her?
A: All children develop at different levels. This is most telling in dance or athletics. Some children’s muscle memory and motor skills are more advanced than others their age. Creative Dance Workshop students are placed in the classes that are the most suitable for their level and emotional wise. Proper class placement is much more important then ensuring they will be with their friends from school.

Q: Why does my child have to conform to the dress code for every ballet class?
A: It is important that your child wear their black leotard, pink tights, and ballet slippers so that it is easier for instructors to see body placement and make the proper corrections with body placement and alignment. Also, dancer’s hair must be securely fashioned in a bun so dancers will not be distracted by loose hair.

Q. How much are recital costumes?
A: Costume prices will vary year to year. Costumes are an important factor in our Recital presentation. Please keep in mind that we do everything possible to keep the costume prices reasonable and affordable.

Q: What is the mandatory recital participation fee? (New in 2008)
A: This fee goes towards paying for rental of the auditorium, backdrops, and all printing and advertising associated with the recital. Remember recital is voluntary and your monthly tuition does not include participation in our production.

Q: During the recital why can’t I take pictures and video of my child?
A: First of all it is distracting and dangerous to our performers to have flashes and lights coming from the pitch darkness of the auditorium while performing. Secondly, it is distracting and inconsiderate to the other audience participants who are trying to enjoy the show. We offer, for sale, a professionally made recital video. You may take pictures of your child after the recital show outside the auditorium.

Q: During the recital why can’t I take my child from the dressing room and leave when he/she is finished dancing?
A: All dancers are in the grand finale at the end of the show. Also please imagine how disruptive it would be to have audience members continually getting up and down during our show to get children. Other parents sat and watched your child perform, please show them they same courtesy and support ALL of our dancers.

Q. Is the annual Dance Recital mandatory?
A: No it is not mandatory. The Creative Dance Workshop choreographs a Dance Recital per year. This is a fun filled time for all members of the family. Recital dates can vary year to year, but it is usually held in the month of May or June. A commitment by the parent/guardian is required before a recital costume is ordered. Parents must inform teachers during the time students are being measured for costumes if they are not interested in doing the recital. Otherwise, once the order is placed the parent/guardian is responsible for the full cost of the costume. No exceptions. There is also a mandatory “recital fee.”

Q. Do you have all boy’s dance class?
A: If you are interested in an all boys class please call us at 603-225-7711.

Q: Do you offer Dance Camps & Summer Classes?
A: Yes. We offer Dance Camp and weekly Summer classes. Schedules are announced in the Spring time.

Q: What Holiday’s are you closed?
A: We follow the Bow School District Calendar for holiday closures.